The Top 20 Twist Endings Of All Time


If you enjoy twist endings, then DO NOT READ THE REST OF THIS SECTION.

Still here? Okay then, can’t say we didn’t warn you. There was a recent online voting poll, asking people to vote for their favourite twist endings in movies. Here’s the top 20, including the twist itself, so for the people in the back, beware, here there be spoilers:

20) The Sixth Sense; Dr. Malcolm Crowe is a child psychologist who tries to recover from a violent attack by treating a spooky kid who can see ghosts. SPOILER ALERT: He’s actually dead.

19) The Others; A woman who lives in a remote estate with her afflicted children starts seeing weird creepy things around the house. SPOILER ALERT: They’re actually dead.

18 ) Saw; Two guys, trapped in a warehouse bathroom with a corpse on the floor, are forced to choose between their lives or their legs by the fiendishly inventive Jigsaw Killer. SPOILER ALERT: The corpse is NOT actually dead. He’s the killer.

17) Citizen Kane; As famed billionaire newspaperman Charles Foster Kane lies dying in his mammoth estate, he croaks out one word: “Rosebud.” SPOILER ALERT: It’s his sled.

16) The Empire Strikes Back; Luke Skywalker trains with Jedi Master Yoda to take on the tyrannical Darth Vader, who he’s been told murdered his father, Anakin. SPOILER ALERT: Vader is his dad.

15) Soylent Green; In response to food shortages caused by overpopulation, the government of the future has invented a revolutionary foodstuff called Soylent Green. SPOILER ALERT: It’s people. Soylent Green is made out of people.

14) Planet Of The Apes; Astronaut George Taylor lands on a planet full of apes who enslave him and force him to wear a loincloth. SPOILER ALERT: It was Earth all along.

13) Basic Instinct; Catherine Trammell is accused of a murder that was committed in the exact same manner as one detailed in her bestselling book. SPOILER ALERT: She did it.

12) The Crying Game; Fergus is an IRA agent who, after accidentally killing a British solider, seeks out and then falls in love with the dead guy’s girlfriend. SPOILER ALERT: She’s a he.

11) Fight Club; An ordinary Joe meets Tyler Durden on a plane. Together they start a fight club that turns into a militia out to destroy all credit card companies. SPOILER ALERT: He has a split personality. He is Tyler Durden.

10) Primal Fear; Aaron is an abused alter boy accused of knocking off a priest. He convinces his lawyer and the court that his dissociative alter ego Roy did it. SPOILER ALERT: He doesn’t have a split personality. He’s not Aaron.

09) No Way Out; When a Washington big shot’s mistress winds up dead, her other lover, a decorated Navy officer, is suspected of being a KGB agent. SPOILER ALERT: He really is a KGB agent.

08 ) Psycho; Janet Leigh steals a bunch of money from a rich yokel, clears out of town and gets stabbed while taking a shower. SPOILER ALERT: The killer is Norman Bates in a dress.

07) Dressed To Kill; A transvestite psychopath is running around New York City murdering lonely housewives. SPOILER ALERT: The killer is Michael Caine in a dress.

06) Twelve Monkeys; James Cole, a prisoner in a post-apocalyptic world, goes back in time to prevent a virus from wiping out the world population. SPOILER ALERT: He fails.

05) Arlington Road; History professor Michael Faraday starts to believe his new neighbors are domestic terrorists planning to drive a car bomb into FBI headquarters.SPOILER ALERT: He unknowingly drives the bomb in himself.

04) The Sting; Two con men join up in an elaborate scam to extract some revenge from gangster Doyle Lonnegan, but the FBI forces them to turn on one another. SPOILER ALERT: Everyone, including the Feds, is in on it.

03) Chinatown; P.I. Jake Giddes gets hired to catch a married guy with a mystery blonde. When the guy is found dead, Jake tries to find out who set him up and falls for the victim’s widow, Evelyn. SPOILER ALERT: The blonde is Evelyn’s daughter. She’s her sister. She’s her daughter.

02) The Usual Suspects; Small time criminal Verbal Kint gets interrogated about a mysterious dockside massacre. He argues that the culprit is a shadowy figure of unspeakable evil named Keyser Soze. SPOILER ALERT: Verbal is Soze.

01) Angel Heart; Detective Harry Angel is hired by the creepy Louis Cyphre to find the missing Johnny Favorite. Harry goes to New Orleans, where everyone he talks to ends up dead. SPOILER ALERT: Louis Cyphre is the Devil. Harry Angel killed everyone while possessed. Harry is Johnny Favorite. Johnny is going to Hell.

Don’t exactly agree with the order they’ve come in, but can’t argue that they weren’t all very good stings in the tail. But surely there were others, more deserving a place on this list? The Shawshank Redemption, Memento, Oldboy, The Prestige, The Conversation, Dial M For Murder, The Thing, Mulholland Drive, Dead Man’s Shoes, Atonement, The Game, Inside Man, Minority Report, Ocean’s Eleven…… The list goes on and on and on, and they’re just top of the head ideas, all of which in Correct Opinion’s, uhm, opinion, are better than what actually came top of the list. Have we or they forgotten any? By all means, inform us!


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