Trailer Park

First up is Disaster Movie:

Or better yet, SuperheroDisneyIndieCarrie Movie. Its not clear that there’s any kind of singular plot going on here. The reason why Meet The Spartans and Epic Movie didn’t work is because the jokes in those movies were too recent and current to be funny, but some of the movies in this movie being mocked haven’t even been released yet! It would seem that this is someone’s long jokey version of this year’s blockbusters; a best of 2008 before its even started, never mind finished.

Next; Marley & Me:

“Its an Andrex ad…… Its an Andrex ad….. If this is an Andrex ad, I totally don’t get it….. Is that Jennifer Aniston? Is that Owen Wilson? Why are they in an Andrex ad? Heel The Love? I’m gonna be sick….”

And, finally, My Best Friend’s Girl:

Dane Cook is a good comedian when doing stand up, but his on-screen abilities have been, lets say, less than tested. Jason Biggs; your career is over, move along quietly. Kate Hudson; do a Sandra Bullock, play a small role where you’re a bitch and remind everyone you can act. Alex Baldwin, shame on you. Did you learn nothing from Along Came Polly? Disappointments all round.


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