“RockNRolla” Trailer

Most of Richie’s movies have had cool trailers, so that probably meant nothing. But Gerard Butler is awesome, Thandie Newton is amazingly hot, Ludacris is the only rapper/actor to actual manage to be good at both, Tom Wilkinson is great in everything and Jeremy Piven rules the world since Entourage.

But Guy Richie was wasted talented casts before. Lock, Stock…… was very good, but still over-rated. Snatch is very good, kinda under-rated, but still not great. And the less said about Swept Away and absolute cinematic abomination Revolver the better. In total, his cons outweight his pros, but he’s due a good turn. So fingers crossed. But still haven’t quite gotten over that horrific title.


One response to ““RockNRolla” Trailer

  1. Every time I see Gerard Butler in something with a modern setting, I can’t help thinking he’d made a good James Bond. No blond hair, either.

    Revovler was not as bad as I expected after seeing the reviews. At least it had a coherent story. I’m still wondering what Snatch was.

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