War Of The Gods Of War

First up, we have God Of War, based on the very famous and pretty much fantastic series of video games. Kratos (rumoured to be played by Djimon Honsou) is a meagre mortal given unlimited power by a bad god in return of being his personal assassin. Until he accidentally kills his own wife, and gets a crisis of conscience, and heads to Mount Olympus to take down the God who gave him the powers in the first place. Its set to be directed by Bret Ratner (obviously the Gods weren’t paying attention at this point).

Next up is War Of Gods (we know, right?!), about: “A purported bastard who retains an allegiance to his mother despite the fact that he longs to join the quest of a king who is battling demons in ancient Greece later embarks on a grail of discovery that has him finding he is the king’s son and also fated to become his country’s greatest hero as he leads the successful war against long-imprisoned Titans who are hoping to use the demons to restore their power.” Whatever that means. Its written by the folk behind Wanted, due to be directed by the guys who what made The Cell and The Fall, and will use the same CGI-technology as 300.

And, finally, we have Clash Of The Titans, which was almost to be made using the script that eventually fell into being made as War Of The Gods. Its a remake of the the 1981 film version of the myth of Perseus and his quest to battle both Medusa and the Kraken monster in order to save the Princess Andromeda. It was originally to be directed by Stephen Norrington (Blade, LXG), but has since fallen into the hands of Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk).

All three films are set for release in Summer 2010. Let the wars commence!


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