What Gondry Did Next

Everyone loves Gondry cos he’s a genius (which he is) and because Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind was a masterpiece (which it was), but people are often all too willing to blindside themselves to genius’ when they get things wrong. Human Nature wasn’t very good, The Science Of Sleep was kind of a mess and Be Kind Rewind was only vaguely entertaining. But Gondry, just like Spike Jonze, David Fincher, Darren Aronofsky and some other mentionable modern geniuses, no matter how many times they might get things a little wrong, we’re still really interested in what they’re going to do next. And in the case of Gondry, its an adaptation of Master Of Space And Time.

A sci-fi comedy about two mad scientists who accidentally discover a way to master, yes, space and, yes, time, it was due to star Jack Black (who dropped out due to schedule clashes with Year One) and Bill Murray (who dropped out for “creative” reasons), its currently castless, but still production is steaming ahead. One day Gondry won’t need a cast, and he will make a film entirely of hand made backdrops and interesting self-using props, but until then, he’s gonna need someone to play the crackpots who cross space and time to discover potentially different fates for the planet. Expect to see it towards the end of ’09.


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