“Knowing” Trailer

This seems to be both very intriguing and kinda boring all at the same time. The general premise is sound, but all of a sudden Nicolas Cage figures out what the numbers mean, but not only that, but is at the exact time and place of the mini-disaster, since we can assume its a prelude to something worse. Or, just like in the trailer for Next, they’ve already given away the best and biggest set piece of the movie, and the whole thing ends with a whimper.

Director Alex Proyas run of movies have been getting continuously bigger and more expensive, while the unique visualisations of his earlier stuff has been getting more and more watered down, to the point where we are now looking at trailers for his movies, which look like they could’ve been directed by any music video director turned Hollywood Hack. But who knows, this could surprise us all and turn out not to be a big piece of shit.


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