What Burton Did Next

In what seemed to be some kind of retaliation to the criticism to his one commercial idealised movie, which was the mismaligned Planet Of The Apes remake back in 2001, Tim Burton has been going through something of a personal revolution. Dealing with recent father issues with the fantastic Big Fish in 2003, then proving that he actually can make a box office hit out of a remake with Charlie And The Chocolate Factory in 2005. He followed that up with personal pet project and critical darling The Corpse Bride, also in 2005, and then his most recent entry, and again, another remake, another warm critical reception, and the best box office that a violent musical could expect, in the form of Sweeney Todd.

So whats up next? Well, everyone and there Burton fan’s dog knows that his doing another feature length animation in the form of Frankenweenie, an elongated version of his 1984 award winning short. But after that, he has a much more interesting project in the works. Dark Shadows, a film adaptation of the t.v. show which aired over 1,000 episodes between 1966 and 1971, it tells the story of vampire Barnabas Collins, and his daily run ins with the mythical, but very real creatures here on earth such as werewolves, ghosts and other horrific monsters. Burton’s vision is set to star his alter ego Johnny Deep as Collins, and the script is being worked up by Burton regular John August. It’ll also mark Burton’s return to the pure horror genre (Todd doesn’t really count) since Sleepy Hollow in 1999.

If you’re thinking the same thing we are, that it all sounds vaguely Van Helsing, then worry not. Burton seems to have re-discovered his A-game, even if it is based in B-movies.


One response to “What Burton Did Next

  1. This is going to be incredible. I was raised in a “Dark Shadows” house and now my entire family is excited about Burton’s adaptation. Should be quite an exciting project.

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