“Before The Thunder….. Comes The Madness.”

Winner of, among many others, Tijuana’s Shrieking Donkey Award and Honourable Mention at the Everyone’s A Winner Film Festival, comes the heartrending and insightful documentary behind the making of Tropic Thunder, rather fantastically titled Rain Of Madness. See, cos Rain means that it was raining alot, but it also sounds like the word Reign, which would indicate that madness was in control.

Thank God for comedic genuises like these people, otherwise I wouldn’t know whats funny and what isn’t. For example, I wouldn’t have thought that title was funny. I would’ve thought it was lazy, stupid and, well, lazy. But they think its funny, and they get paid millions and millions of dollars a year to be funny, like Eddie Murphy and Mike Myers, and they all seem pretty on the ball right now.


One response to ““Before The Thunder….. Comes The Madness.”

  1. Sadly, the video is no longer available.

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