Maggie Gyllenhall is The Joker?

I get the feeling that somewhere in the midst of all the pre-publicity hype regarding just how much The Dark Knight is going to be The Godfather Part 2 or The Empire Strikes Back of our time, and how it just might be the greatest film of 2008, and by the way, when was the last time a summer blockbuster could possibly make that statement? For the life of me, I can’t think of one good example, and yes, I know, the second I post this entry I’m going to think of hundreds of them, but still, I’m making a point here. This summer has got one the biggest runs of Hits-To-Flops in recent memory, but between the greatness that was WALL-E and the potential greatness of this, so far, 2008 has been good to us. But, anyway, I’ve found myself on a tangent. Where was I? Oh yes….. Wasn’t Heath Ledger supposed to be playing The Joker?

The more I look at this magazine cover, the more I’m certain that its going to haunt my dreams later. That smile has been scorched on to the back of my eye lids for who knows how long. Unless Tatler are making some kind of weird ass joke about making “Batman’s Babe” look like one of The Jokers’ Henchwomen, and I don’t think they are, then can someone explain to me why she looks like she used some of Jack Nicholson’s nefarious “Smiley” product from the original Batman?

Seriously, her face is freakin’ me out.

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