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Trailer Park Triple – Max, Choke, Elegy

The first trailer for the John Moore-directed Max Payne has been revealed to the interweb:

For some reason, this seems better the second or third time you watch it. As trailers go, it’s nicely paced and edited, with some good shots on view without (seeminly) giving too much away. It helps that it has Marilyn Manson’s “If I Was Your Vampire” as the soundtrack. Hard to say at this early stage if Wahlberg &co will do justice to the video game source, but we’re not giving up hope. Yet.

Next up is the redband trailer from Choke, based on Chuck Palahniuk’s novel:

Still using the great Clap Your Hands Say Yeah song, “Satan Said Dance”, (anyone else noticing a trend in trailer songs being used….?), this trailer has more new footage, more new laughs, more naughtiness and, more importantly for some of you, more boobs! This film is shaping up nice and the early good word from the likes of Sundance and SXSW bode well.

And if you haven’t joined the Fox Searchlight facebook page yet, go do so now! Just the other week, they sent members a link to four potential TV spots for Choke, and we got to vote on the best one. So even if the one you vote for didn’t get picked, you still get to see all the clips. And wait! There’s more! The official movie page, http://www.chokeonthis.net, has some extra clips, such as passages from the book being read by exotic dancers. Need to get past the US age restrictions? Then pass yourself off as a wealthy writer-producer (Name: Larry David, DOB: 2 July 1947, Zip Code: 90210).

And on a different note, we have Elegy:

No soundtrack songs involving Satan or vampires, but we still have the potential ick-factor of Penelope Cruz sleeping with Sir Ben Kingsley. Yep, you read that right. This is adapted from Philip Roth’s novella The Dying Animal and directed by Isabel Coixet, and concerns a college professor (Kingsley) having an affair with one of his mature students (Cruz). Dennis Hopper and the ever-excellent Patricia Clarkson and Peter Sarsgaard round out the supporting cast.

Correct Opinion: bringing a little something for all the family.


Chitty Chitty Gang Bang; or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Viral Marketing Campaign

This is the third of what will appearantly end with three (THREE!) fake trailers for a book (A BOOK!), all part of a huge viral marketing campaign. For a book. Did you get that? Was that clear? A book. Yeah? You’re with us? Good. Cos we kinda lost ourselves back there……

If anyone in the publishing world deserves a viral marketing campaign, then Chuck Pahalniuk is definitely on the shortlist, with the likes of Stephen King or Bret Easton Ellis. But when someone somewhere utters the sentence “What do you think of fake movie trailers for fake movies as part of a massive and massively expensive viral marketing campaign for this new book?”, then we know that someone, somewhere, has taken a wrong turn in terms of promotion. For a book.

The first released fake trailer, The Wizard Of Ass; Dorothy Isn’t A Virgin Anymore was posted on here earlier today, with Chitty Chitty Gang Bang (HUGE potential comedy oversight there, not wanting to be gutter-mouthed, but replacing the H’s with L’s…..) released this evening, with The Twilight Bone soon to follow.

So whats up with this? Yeah, thank you The Blair With Project and Memento for beginning this (at the time) potentially cool idea, whereas Cloverfield and Lost ran with it, but it seems The Dark Knight is running aground with it by having vaguely cool things like invitations to The Joker parties in capital cities all over the world giving it a kind of cool Project Mayhem (eh….. hi, Fight Club, Pahalniuk, oooh…. it comes full circle…..) feel to it, but other things like actual rallies for the support of DA Harvey Dent is only going to get annoying and vaguely confusing for citizens in the States who are already drowning in rallies.

And now we have viral campaigns for video games (Halo 3, GTA IV and BioShock in the last 12 months alone), and, now, for books.

What next? McDonalds doing commercials that are 2.5 seconds long, six months in advance of the release of the new flavour of the McFlurry? Toyota showing people in flying cars with engines that can turn environmental pollution into fuel, with a final title saying “Available 4th July 2097”?

Viral marketing campaigns are a good tool when you want to create mystique in something, not necessarily to push the idea “Look kids, you can read about sex in books, too. You don’t always need porn. You can use your imagination while reading books like Snuff, and just to show that, here’s some porn.” Its senseless. Funny, yes, but senseless nonetheless.

The Wizard Of Ass

While not exactly “film news” per say, this is still definitely worth watching, although we’ll be damned if we’re sure why.

Its a promotional fake movie trailer to accompany the release of Chuck Palahinuk’s new book, Snuff. Having already had Fight Club adapted, and with Choke out later this year, as well as Survivor, Invisible Monsters and Diary all in production in one way or another, no doubt this fake movie trailer will end up spurring on a real movie trailer. For a real movie. Eventually.