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Poster Talk; Quarantine

Jennifer Carpenter: Yes, yes I’m aware that you probably only know me from The Exorcism Of Emily Rose, where I played Emily Rose who was consequently exorcised, and yes, I know that was a horror film, and yes, I know this is also a horror film, and yes, I’m aware that my surname is Carpenter, and yes, I’m aware that there is a really famous horror film director who’s surname is Carpenter, but its all a coincidence, okay? But I was also in Dexter, that really cool t.v. show? You haven’t heard of it? Oh well. But look at me now, all in your face on this poster for a remake of a really good Spanish horror film? You haven’t heard of it? Oh well. But the tagline is pretty cool. Well, yes, its pretty long, and kinda gives away my and everyone else in the films fate…… I just can’t get a break. And you wonder why I cry in the dark?


Quarantine Trailer

That’s the trailer for Quarantine, the U.S. remake of a fairly brilliant Spanish-horror movie called [REC] (the review for which can be found elsewhere on this site).
It looks pretty much shot-for-shot remake of the original, which may be a good thing, since not many people outside of Spain will have seen the original. Whether or not they can properly translate the crippling sense of terror that the original maintained…… we’ll have to wait til October to see.

For now, check out their official website: http://www.containthetruth.com