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“The Spirit” Trailer

This looks like a mess. A big, sexy, sweaty mess, but a mess nonetheless. Rather lazily, most of the trailer seems to be composed of the already released posters of the platter of scintillating women on offer to oogle at during its run time, with the highlight being finally seeing The Spirit himself in action, and Sam Jackson and what looks like one of his crazier hair-dos, in a career full of hair-don’ts.


New Silken Floss One Sheet For “The Spirit”

The rather outrageously beautiful Scarlett has imbued a primal sexuality into pretty much every role she’s ever had, even the boring one’s like The Girl With The Pearl Earring and The Other Boleyn Girl, but now we have her pushing her own envelope with a lesbian sex scene with Penelope Cruz in Woody Allen’s new one Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and now this poster for Frank Miller’s first singular directorial effort, and a tagline that should bring most men to their, well, knees.

This film could, and most probably, will end up to be a big steaming pile of poop, but will still make more money that most other films this year due to the massive hot female quotent involved. Who needs a marketing manager when you’ve got a cast as attractive as this?

New Sand Seref One-Sheet from “The Spirit”

There really is something about Eva Mendes. It could be that she is a genuine acting talent, or her inate ability to make pretty every minute action and word pulsating with sexual energy, or it could be all the lesbian rumours flying around that makes her a forbidden fruit thing. Whatever the reason, real or rumour, she is amazing, and while has made more than her fair share of boo-boo’s as far as choosing which movies to be in (Ghost Rider, anyone?), she has still been probably the best thing in it.

And so on to The Spirit, with its fantastic cast, full of very sexy women (more on that can be found elsewhere on this very site), and the new poster showing off Mendes’ very specific skill sets, with a great little tagline that you can almost hear Eva purring from the poster. Fantastic.

The Spirit Teaser Trailer!

“She is my mother. She is my lover.”

Eh……  Eeewww.

Loadsa more stuff from The Spirit!

The cooler of the two official movie posters so far.

The less cool of the two new movie posters.

Definitely one of my favourite character posters of all time.

I’m not entirely sure where all the attention from this movie is coming from, but it does seem like it kinda came outta nowhere with this fantastic cast and possibly great director making this big-deal movie. It could be fantastic. Or it could be someone trying to cash in on the fact that Sin City 2 is still not on the horizon.

Loadsa pix from ‘The Spirit’!

That was loadsa pix from The Spirit, a film that looks like a more day-glo version of Sin City, from one of the directors of Sin City. Thanks to CinemaBuzz for the fantastic pix.

New poster(s) for The Spirit

Three new outdoor posters for Will Eisner’s The Spirit have been released today. Correct Opinion has kindly done the hard work for you and fused them together. Quite nicely too, if we may say so ourselves.

The Spirit new poster

The Spirit, the film, is adapted from the legendary comic book series by Will Eisner. It is directed by Frank Miller (Sin City), who has also adapted the screenplay. It tells the story of Denny Colt, a detective who returns from the dead to fight crime as masked vigilante The Spirit. Gabriel Macht (Because I Said So, The Good Shephard) will be playing The Spirit, with Samuel L. Jackson as The Octopus, his nemesis. A veritable plethora of beauties are also starring, including, but not limited to, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Jaime King and Paz Vega.

The artwork on these posters is fantastic, evoking the cool brilliance of the black, white and red marketing of Sin City. A visit to the website shown, http://www.mycityscreams.com, reveals a countdown saying “I’m on my way”, with the counter currently running down from 15 days and 15 hours. We suspect a trailer, or at the very least, some teaser footage very soon…