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“Sex Drive” Trailer

Despite James “Cyclops and then the boring guy from Superman Returns” Marsden trying to act all tuff and stuff, this trailer actually made Correct Opinion laugh more times than the entire of Step Brothers.

Take from that what you want.


Harry Potter And The Half Year Release Date Move

Because we forgot to add previously, here is the Potter 6 teaser trailer:

As with all the films, its getting darker, to the point that by the time Potter 7 swings round, you may not be able to see the Warner Brothers logo. Also, at the end of the trailer, the word “Novemeber” pops op. Well…..

“Like every other studio, we are still feeling the repercussions of the writers’ strike, which impacted the readiness of scripts for other films—changing the competitive landscape for 2009 and offering new windows of opportunity that we wanted to take advantage of.  We agreed the best strategy was to move Half-Blood Prince to July, where it perfectly fills the gap for a major tent pole release for mid-summer.” From the pen of Mister Warner (or one of his PR people, at least).

The real reason, apparently, is because Warners also distributed a little movie called The Dark Knight this year, which made a butt load of money, so they don’t really need any more this year, and have moved it back to July 2009 cos it’ll have little to no competition. The only other film opening on the same day is Will Ferrell’s Land Of The Lost, which Paramount will probably move to a safer date now.

“Dance Of The Dead” Trailer

We’ve had Nights, Dawns, Days, Lands, Diarys, Dawns again….. other things….. And now, we have Dances. Straight to DVD, yes. Worth checking out, probably not.

“Bitch Slap” Trailer

So long, and thanks for the mammaries.

“The Spirit” Trailer

This looks like a mess. A big, sexy, sweaty mess, but a mess nonetheless. Rather lazily, most of the trailer seems to be composed of the already released posters of the platter of scintillating women on offer to oogle at during its run time, with the highlight being finally seeing The Spirit himself in action, and Sam Jackson and what looks like one of his crazier hair-dos, in a career full of hair-don’ts.

The Worst Teaser Trailer Of All Time Ever?

Yes. Absolutely.

“Terminator: Salvation” Teaser Trailer

Not a bad teaser trailer, all things being equal. The one quick shot of a person being snatched by a giant mechanical hand from out of the building is really cool and very creepy. Bale has never given a bad performance, but he is not immune to being in bad films. Its getting increasingly difficult to remain totally negative about this whole endeavour, but we’ll keep at it anyway!